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  • NGC4631_03172012
    NGC4631 03172012  ·  NGC4631, better known as the Whale galaxy is an edge-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. This galaxy is 30 Mly from Earth. 20x300sec fits exposures captured and combined in Nebulosity v2.4.0 software. Finishing touches done in PhotoShop. Telescope: Orion 8" 1000mm f4.9 Newtonian reflector. Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G Guide Scope: Meade 800mm f10 reduced to f5 with Atik x.5 focal length reducer (ADM rings). Imaging Camera: Mead DSI Color 16bit camera with Peltier cooler modification. Guide Camera: Meade DSI Pro monochrome 16bit camera. Imaging camera in prime focus. Filtration used: Baader UV/IR Cut filter  ·  Date/Time 2012:03:17 21:12:29  ·  Resolution 900 x 670