Some discussion ideas

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Some discussion ideas

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Thanks for starting this.

It would be interesting to have a sightings log board, perhaps where we can individually post a thread each and document any developments in our sightings, i.e., spotted a funny-colored one at 10 PM ET in the appalachians, etc etc. Like a personal journal for each witness that others can comment on.
The point of it would be to see if any patterns emerge or if any changes happen. I.e. "more sightings in the Eastern Hemisphere during November", or "they look higher in the sky when spotted in California" (I am just making those up for an example, those are not an actual observations, haha).
Might help pin down whatever they are.

I've also found that most of the flashes that "move" on a track as possibly rotating satellites or space junk, for the most part, so I think focusing mostly on the ones that don't move is going to be beneficial to the study. For example (a real one this time :lol: ), I see these weird double flashers sometimes, where it's two flashes in quick succession in the exact same spot, not moving at all, and the two flashes together combine to last about a quarter to a half a second.

Other see similar stationary flashes, sometimes many in the sky at once, sometimes just a few, sometimes just one.

Just my 2c. Thanks again for making a place to discuss these.
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Re: Some discussion ideas

Post by w4gon »

My pleasure, I was thinking the forum could be used for the same purpose as well. Thanks for joining.

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