Some helpful links

Astronomy: Computer Software Games for Kids

Cameras for Stargazing: A Beginner’s Guide to Astrophotography

Be an Astronomer Right from Your Window

QCUIAG Astronomical Imaging

New Jersey Stargazer – Nor Schramm

K3’s Astronomy – Peter Katreniak

The Firmament – Jan Timmermans

Catching the Light – Jerry Lodriguss

Martin Burris’ site

Steve Chambers’ Site

The Curdridge Observatory

Hubble Home

Choosing a CCD Camera

Mount Tracking for Amateur Telescopes

Science Resource World

Lighting Information and the Health Effects of Light Pollution

Astrophotography Software



Astro-Snap Pro


Pleiades Software – PixInsight

Collimation Tutorial Section

FAQ about collimating a Newtonian telescope

How to collimate your Newtonian

Thierry Legault – The collimation

Collimating a Newtonian Reflector video!

A treatise on Newtonian collimation

Image Processing Tutorial Section

AstroVideo Tutorial 1

AstroVideo Tutorial 2

K3CCDTools deep sky processing

Using the Meade DSI with K3CCDTools

DSO imaging and post processing tutorial

Dynamic Background Extraction in PixInsight

PixInsight Processing Tutorials

Waid Observatory – Imaging Processing Tutorials

LRGB: Imaging and Post Processing – by Jan Timmermans

LRGB imaging Techniques – by Dave Nash

Webcam image processing

Digital image processing

Get Vibrant colors without increasing contrast

Very Basic Contrast Tutorial

Natural Radio & Related Subjects

Live VLF Natural Radio – Paul Nicholson

World Wide Lightning Location Network –

Solar System Information

Finding their inner Astronaut: A child’s guide to the Solar System

Tools and Resources for Sun Calculations and Observations

A Kid’s Guide to Astronomy

A Guide to the Galaxy from Your Bedroom

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